Welcome our new Coach, Lorraine to Team Perpetua! Lorraine started CrossFit 3 year ago with the intentions of building on her strength and conditioning for the upcoming seasons of gaelic and football. She has played sport from a young age. Having played GAA at both club and county level and soccer as high as premiership level. Lorraine always showed leadership on and off the pitch having captained several teams throughout her time playing.

Aerobic Gains

The body produces energy through ATP in two different ways: Aerobically (with oxygen) Anaerobically (without oxygen)   The aerobic system is the engine for all energy production as humans and must not be forgotten in exercise prescription for fear of losing your gains. The single greatest contribution an individual can add to their program is correctly prescribed Aerobic Endurance Training. The aerobic system provides the majorit

Benefits of Working with your Coach 1-1

  Everyone can benefit from Personal Training or Skill Sessions   Obviously, this means additional income for the coach so why am I writing this blog? I want to remind people what they can get out of the 1-1 sessions.  I want to see everyone reach their goals.   If you want to achieve those goals we need a specific plan of attack for weakness/goals and prescribe the work that you need to do. You could meet a coach for m

What Should YOU be Listening to Right Now?

  Podcasts are probably one of my favorite resources when it comes to learning new information. They are free, and there are millions of different podcasts on thousands of different topics. Podcasts can be listened to pretty much anywhere; in the car, bus or train on the commute to work, on an evening stroll or even as you are doing your meal prep. Podcasts are available on both Apple phones, via the Podcast App, and android phones, vi


  Ego is a popular topic, especially in gyms.   We all know about the common egotist in the gym.   They come in, do a halfhearted warm up. Move onto the main section of their session and lift weights that are much too heavy, and with a technique, that even a beginner could tell is bad.   However, we are not going to talk about him.   We are going to focus on the other kind of ego lifter. &nbs

Training While Injured

  Injuries are a frustrating time. Not being able to do what you enjoy on a daily basis is disappointing to say the least, but unfortunately is a part of most people’s sporting or fitness journeys. Injuries are never an ideal scenario, but being injured does not have to be the end of the world. With most injuries, the injury itself is not the important factor, it’s the individuals reaction to it that will shape its impact.  

Nutrition Update

  3rd Edition Nutrition Challenge  At the beginning of the year, we ran the 3rd edition of the members in-house nutrition challenge. 44 members took part, making it the largest group we have had so far. Like the previous iterations, it began with a talk on the fundamental principles of good nutrition before starting into the 1 or 2-month options available. There were weekly challenges on varying topics (mobility and core work, mindful eat

May 2018 Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to Patrick and Camilla for being selected by our coaches as the athletes of the month.  Your hard work does not go unnoticed.  Keep up the good work!   Q&A with Patrick Foyle 1> Where are you from? I am from outside a town called Mountmellick in Co. Laois and have been living in Dublin for the last 20 years.  Ranelagh is now home. 2> When you're not at Perpetua what do you do for work and for fun?

More is Not Always Better!

  Training is a form of stress on the body. Therefore, we want to achieve the correct stress that promotes grow and adaptation rather than stress that kicks the system into overtraining and fatigue. On a daily basis, everyone is feeling stress in some shape.  To your surprise, exercise is a form of stress so it is very important that you know how to deal with it. Ideally, we want to achieve the minimum effective dose to ensure you can

What Supplements Should I Be Taking??

  It Depends… The End. Okay, okay, I’ll elaborate.  For this example lets use a couple of case studies and call them Joe and Susie. First, we will assume that they're both at the same gym and both following the same CrossFit style programming. However there are a couple of key differences we will examine.   Background Joe has been training for a few years now, he's in decent shape, eats well most of the time, trains 4/5 days