Nutrition Update

Nutrition Update


3rd Edition Nutrition Challenge 

At the beginning of the year, we ran the 3rd edition of the members in-house nutrition challenge. 44 members took part, making it the largest group we have had so far. Like the previous iterations, it began with a talk on the fundamental principles of good nutrition before starting into the 1 or 2-month options available. There were weekly challenges on varying topics (mobility and core work, mindful eating, hydration and sleep challenges etc), educational content weekly, as well as body composition measures before and after to measure the progress. All challenges are set with the aim of creating good habits and ones which are repeatable. Small changes repeated over a sustained period breed results.

Each week a new goal and challenge was set for all participants. This meant that everyone was held accountable over the 4 or 8 weeks, with the sole purpose of helping everyone achieve their desired results. Being accountable often leads to greater success as you have the feeling that you are working for somebody other than yourself and feel a responsibility not to let them down. Self-motivation is a key driver but so is a little bit of fear, the fear of checking in!!

A new addition to this program was the introduction of a benchmark fitness test. This allowed all participants to measure not only their progress from a health stand point but also from the training perspective. All members who did the retests at the end showed incredible increases in both strength and conditioning, which is indicative of the importance that good nutrition plays regardless of what level of athlete you are. It has been said a few times, but you can’t out train a bad diet! Cliché that it is, it is very true.



In terms of results that members saw across the 4/8weeks, the average bodyfat lost was over 3% per person, 2.9 inches lost, 2.5kgs lost as well as over .5kg muscle gained per person. These results show what can be done in a relatively short period, through balance and consistency. On top of the numerical results, many participants were keen to point out that regardless of the decreases/increases in numbers, they learned some invaluable knowledge about how to form a balanced plate of food, what good nutrition can do for your general health and probably more surprisingly that a healthy diet can be tasty and manageable!


When is the Next Nutrition Challenge?

We will be running the next edition of the nutrition challenge June 11th so keep an eye on Facebook (,) newsletters and on zen planner to book in. Given the demand that we have, spaces are likely to fill up fast if January is anything to go by!


Individual Nutrition Program

We are now offering individual nutrition plans to our members who are looking to take their health and well-being to another level as well as having the added benefit of improving your training and hitting new PR’s. If you are looking to work on a specific goal whether it is performance, weight loss or weight gain, then a bespoke nutrition plan might be what you are looking for. These are available all year round. You will work 1 on 1 with a qualified nutrition advisor who will build a plan to fit your needs, in both training and general day to day life.

Some of the features available with the 1 to 1 coaching are:

  • Goal setting questionnaire + 45-minute meeting pre-commencement
  • Individualized plan based on goals (target calories and macronutrient splits)
  • Specific meal plans to fit your goals (training day, rest day, double days)
  • Body composition measures
  • Daily online check-in (optional)
  • Weekly check-in
  • Weekly reviews and tailored feedback
  • Unlimited access throughout the program to nutrition advisor

If any of the above interest you or you have a very specific goal that you would like to target, or an event you would like to train for then contact the Perpetua team and set up a meeting to discuss the nutrition plans that are available. If you have completed the nutrition challenges and are looking to dial in your nutrition even further, then this could be exactly what you are looking for.


3rd Edition Perpetua Nutrition Challenge Winner

Have a look at the Q&A I did with the latest winner Ciaran O’ hUallachain and sign up for the next challenge and see if you can beat his incredible results:


bodyfat lost 6%

fat loss: 5.89kgs

inches lost: 5.38

muscle gained: 2.07kgs


Q&A with Ciaran

  1. What were the main reasons for taking part in the nutrition challenge?

Lose fat / gain muscle.  I had been travelling and working late hours for the last quarter of 2017.  Together with the Christmas period, exercise hadn’t been a priority for a while.


  1. How did you find the weekly challenges and are they a worthwhile aspect of the nutrition challenge?

8 weeks feels like a long time to keep to a routine when you’re not used to it.  The weekly challenges were worthwhile as they keep you interested in the challenge.  It’s easy to stray from good practice when you’re not being held accountable (even to yourself).  The daily check-in was invaluable for this.


  1. Did you find the structure of the challenge too difficult or were you able to stay on track?

The nutrition side of it was easy enough during the week. I have a solid enough routine around work and gym.  Weekends were tougher when I was out and about.  When I had a rest day, the mobility tasks sometimes were forgotten, but overall, I remained pretty much on track.

  1. What did you do that kept you on track? What would you recommend anybody else doing the challenges in the future to do?

Meal preparation is a must.  On weekends, I ate before going out for the evening and had something small ready for when I got home.  Also, I let people know what I was doing.  It kept me honest and people were less likely to tempt me to stray.  There will always be questions when you go to the pub in Ireland and you’re not drinking!  

  1. Would you recommend it to members unsure about giving the challenge a go?

Yes, definitely.

  1. Would you say people of any fitness level and knowledge of nutrition can benefit from doing the challenge?

Yes, the explainer before the challenge is a good guide.  After that, it’s just a matter of sticking to the plan.