What Supplements Should I Be Taking??

What Supplements Should I Be Taking??


It Depends…

The End.

Okay, okay, I’ll elaborate. 

For this example lets use a couple of case studies and call them Joe and Susie. First, we will assume that they’re both at the same gym and both following the same CrossFit style programming. However there are a couple of key differences we will examine.



Joe has been training for a few years now, he’s in decent shape, eats well most of the time, trains 4/5 days a week. His goals are to get fitter, faster, stronger, be consistently at the top of the whiteboard in the gym, and look good naked. Specifically he wants to hit 100kg clean and row a sub 7:30 2km. 

Susie has been training for around the same length of time, and again she is in okay shape, eats fairly well and trains consistently 3/4 days a week. Her goals are to keep healthy, lose some unwanted weight, and look good naked. She doesn’t particularly care how much she squats or what her 2km row time is.



Even with this information about each individual there are still other factors that should be taken into account before prescribing any supplements. 

  • how is their sleep
  • what is their profession 
  • how quickly they want to achieve their goals 




First, assuming Joe has his life in balance, I would recommend the following stack:

  • whey protein — to ensure he’s hitting his daily protein needs & its super cost effective 
  • creatine — “it’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s cheap, and for most people it just works.” examine.com
  • fish oil — joint health & cognitive function (move pain free and smarter, WINNING)
  • caffeine — (pre-workout) the list is actually too long to list its benefits, one for another blog post. For now, lets just focus on the fact it has been shown to increase strength and aerobic endurance.

On the other hand, for Susie I would recommend:

  • fish oil — for reasons mentioned above
  • whey protein — again hitting protein needs is still important when losing weight 



So thats it.

Simple and effective supplements that work.

If money was no object, I would maybe suggest a magnesium citrate and Vitamin D supplement for the additional health benefits. 

If you have any questions about supplements, feel free to message me and ask.


 Coach James.