Conor started CrossFit in 2013, whilst recovering from a sports Injury. During this time he was unable to compete in contact sports – this is where the start of his fitness journey began.

Conor has always surrounded himself with sport, health and fitness. “I love the environment CrossFit creates. It is a Strength and Conditioning program that has the power to push you outside of your comfort zone, both mentally and physically ‘If your comfortable, you’re not growing’ I believe it is this ethos that makes CrossFit stand out.”

Conor has been coaching CrossFit for the last 3 years. He started coaching at Reebok CrossFit Tyneside were he learned from some of the best athletes and coaches in the UK. In 2015 he travelled to Qatar, Doha to help grow the CrossFit Community in the Middle East. During his time in the Qatar he worked with various individuals all with a diverse set of goals.

Conor’s experience working in both a group and individual setting taught him the importance of making the process of health and fitness simple. As a coach he believes educating others is vital for individual growth, as it empowers each individual with the tools and knowledge to live a fulfilling and healthy life. “I believe that correct movement and technique are the core elements of CrossFit, I ensure that all of my athletes incorporate these core principles into their training.”