Operations Manager/ Coach

We are delighted to introduce our newest Coach Kathryn Fearon! Kat is an awesome athlete and competed as part of Team 8020 Black at Regionals this year. Say Hi if you see her around the gym!

Kat started CrossFit in 2012, not long after the first CrossFit box opened in Portadown. She was going to a regular gym, doing as many classes as she could, sometimes 3 in one evening and making no progress. When she was persuaded to give CrossFit a go, she signed up for fundamentals and after 4 weeks was addicted. “I love how every week you can see progress and results, a change in physique and technique – whether it’s a PB lift or being able to swing a heavier kettlebell or kick up against the wall for the first time. I came from a competitive rowing background so of course I gradually became more and more competitive and pushed myself more out of my comfort zone.  I unintentionally signed up for my first competition, I had a love/hate relationship with it but I knew for sure I wanted to do more.”

Kat has competed a lot in local and European competitions over the last 2 years. Most recently and by far the biggest and best experience for Kat was being a part of Team 8020 Black at the Meridian Regionals in May 2016.

Other competitions:
Filthy 150 2015 & 2016 – 1st
Antwerp Throwdown 2016 – 8th
Battle of Britain 2016 – 12th
Celtic Cup 2016 – 3rd
Representing Ireland on The Grid Team
Waterford Throwdown 2015 – 1st
British Championships – 12th
Representing Ireland on the Four Nations Team 2014 – 1st
Titanic Games 2014- 7th

CrossFit Level 1 Cert